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68. There's tons of information available online for helping you make your new car decisions:, Excite Autos, Popular Science, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
67. Way past time to start your Christmas Countdown!
66. Go to and sign up to play "Virtual GM" before the season starts! It's free!
65. Web camera on the marketplace in Bonn, Germany.
64. Scrabble.
63. The Tick! Check out the Giant Circus of the Might Web Ring and keep an eye out for my personal favorite, The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight!
62. The delayed episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is finally on this week.
61. Having a baby!
60. Camping.
59. The Little Mermaid web ring.
58. AAA, maps, tows, and reservations!
57. 24-Hour Fitness.
56. Tour of Dunsmuir, CA.
55. The Dunsmuir railroad camera.
54. Archie Comics.
53. Midway, producers of NFL Blitz.
52. and the design team who made NFL Blitz.
51. There's going to be an NBA season.
50. Optical Illusions
49. Destination Disney
48. The Christmas Web Ring
47. Battles! Head to the "The Previous Battles" pulldown.
46. Christmas Clip Art
45. Christmas Backgrounds and Borders
44. Best Buy
43. Costco
42. Wal-Mart
41. Bronner's Christmas Wonderland
40. A Christmas Song for every day from early October until Christmas!
39. My friend Kathy's Family pages.
38. Panoramic VR images of Disney World
37. The State Fair
36. Route 66 Web Ring
35. My Route 66 site
34. The Official Peanuts Site
33. Taco Bell
32. Disneyland
31. Check flight progress at
30. Got Milk?
29. An independent Disney Map site.
28. Time-lapse weather loop
27. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
26. Welcome to Softub
25. eBay Auction Classifieds
24. Hours to Christmas. Hours are in Pacific time.
23. Christmas Countdown. Days, hours, and minutes. Central time.
22. Magic Kingdom at Disney World--Live picture feed.
21. TV-Now. Star finder
20. Christmas Links Page
19. Four11--Find someone!
18. Bruce Campbell
17. Jackie Chan
16. ABL
15. WNBA
14. TV Listings
13. Find a Home!
12. The Gate: Bay Area hub of interesting info.
11. Disney!
10. Galt Shareware Zone
9. Internet Movie Database
8. How long until Christmas?
7. Darkhugh's Den--Video Game Links & more
6. Delta's Disney World Vacation site.
5. Sports Illustrated Online
4. Mallory's Musical Homepage
3. NBA
2. Happy Puppy Games
1. Jimmy Stewart Museum