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Friday dinner -- Take care of yourselves, maybe in Redding?
Saturday breakfast -- Kate and Brian
Saturday lunch -- Chipper and Lori
Saturday dinner -- Carolyn and John
Sunday breakfast -- Mom, Dad, and Jenny

sleeping bags and/or blankets
steak knives
lounge chairs, maybe?

We're bringing:
2 lounge chairs
games/playing cards
first aid kit

LOOKS GREAT!! 5-day forecast has Redding in the mid 80's
and Mt. Shasta in the mid 70's. I expect lake Shasta to be
somewhere in between!

Use the directions from their map above. We're taking 299 east from
Redding and following the first set of instructions ourselves. We'll
be docked Friday night starting around 5, and will be watching for
you. Park (there's got to be a lot there somewhere,) unload your
stuff, and bring it down to the dock. We'll be there!

Silverthorn Resort's web site
Diagram of our boat!