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Reasons To Be Happy 2000













1st MondayTaking baby Christmas shopping and finding great things for mama.
2ndBaby's first Christmas tree!
3rdFirst steps!
not yet.
1st MondayFast help in the Emergency Room!
2ndStanding up without passing out.
3rdThe Grinch!
4thIf you start driving at midnight, Thanksgiving traffic is really pretty light!
The Disney Store
1st MondayThe first Christmas party of the year.
2ndDisneyland with a little kid!
3rdChristmas shopping online!
4thEnjoying your job.
5thTwo months until Christmas. Comparison shopping for video games, stereos, computers, etc.
1st MondayPlaying basketball with no pain.
2ndA new job!
3rdVacation planning.
4thFinishing things
Pulse Entertainment. Interactive 3D on the web!
1st MondaySeeing your dog after vacation.
2ndA beautiful wedding.
3rdA surprise gift from your wife.
4thPeople looking out for your best interest.
Transformers Extreme
1st MondayShort work weeks. Especially when you get extra days because the real holiday is on a Tuesday.
2ndGiving presents you really like yourself.
3rdThe WNBA makes it so there's something enjoyable to watch while the NBA is in the off-season. Baseball doesn't count.
4thNew toys.
5thBugs. Especially the stinging variety that make you itch. No, really.
Super Auctions. Go buy an arcade game or pinball machine!
1st MondayHow can there be anything to be happy about after watching the Trailblazers choke like that. Oh yeah, not being a Trailblazer!
2ndGoing on walks with your baby. Everything he sees is a wonder to him.
3rdA baby's sense of humor.
Rankin and Bass Classic Animation!
1st MondayThe Kings beat the Lakers! (A couple of times, at least.)
2ndA rainy weekend where you stay inside with your kid.
3rdGoing out to dinner.
4thGreen grass.
5thA last-minute visit from an old friend!
Transformers Extreme, where you can find lots of cools stuff about the coolest toys/cartoons of my youth.
1st MondayPlaces where it doesn't snow in March or April (or May.)
2ndSites where it's easy, or at least cheap, to buy things online. (I'm putting together a list, watch for it.)
3rdWhen your baby smiles at you.
4thThe NBA Playoffs, what else?
Subaru. A few easy clicks and you are looking at the actual vehicles on hand at a nearby dealership.
1st MondayThe people at work that are happy to have you back.
2ndThe first weekend the weather is nice enough to mow your lawn.
3rdMost any movie with Cary Grant.
4thA new job.
Build someone a Barbie.
1st MondayIntroducing your new baby to your family and friends.
2ndHaving enough vacation saved up to take a lot of time off all at once.
3rdHolidays that shorten the work week.
4thThe constant realizations that this is your baby's first snowfall, roadtrip, raindrop, evergreen, etc.
Online coupons at
1st MondayThings are still working.
2ndPlaying board games with the family.
3rd3 day weekends.
4thRain. Up to a point.
5thHaving a healthy baby!
ooohh, pretty.

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