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Reasons To Be Happy '98

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A Christmas Song for every day from October 8 until Christmas!

December, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekI know it's a repeat, but: Disney World! Plan with Destination Disney
2nd WeekSeeing your dog again after a vacation without him.
3rd WeekIf you get in the right mindset you can actually ENJOY the crowds that are out shopping.
Last WeekThe people you enjoy spending the holidays with.
The Christmas Web Ring
November, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekBattles! It's pretty silly stuff, but this site has such compelling grudge matches as: The Keebler Elves vs. The Rice Krispy Elves, Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. Dracula, and Scrooge vs. the Grinch!
Head to the "The Previous Battles" pulldown.
2nd WeekA moment when you realize you are feeling happy, but can't think of the reason why.
3rd WeekSanta Claus. A compulsive gift-giver, and jolly to the core.
4th WeekI've said it before and I'll say it again: The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Or any of them, but Macy's is the tradition.) Check it out at NYC Dept. of Tourism and Festivals.
5th WeekDr. Seuss. See and hear How the Grinch Stole Christmas online.
Christmas Clip Art and Christmas Backgrounds and Borders to help you make holiday web pages.

October, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekShopping from home. Best Buy, Costco, Wal-Mart.
2nd WeekBeautiful, sunny days you can spend outside, in October!
3rd WeekApple pie, apple fritters, and apple dumplings.
4th WeekHouseboating!
Last WeekBeing married.
Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. Order some ornaments!

September, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekWow, the JCPenney Christmas catalog is already out! (Sent to some catalog customers at least.)
2nd WeekMaking music. Whatever insturment you choose, it's great when you make the sound you wanted.
3rd WeekBean bag chairs.
4th WeekApple Pie!
Last WeekAll the fools that like to live in big cities. If they all wanted to get out of town there wouldn't be any nice vacation spots left.
My friend Kathy's Family pages.

August, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekReally, really hot days that cool down at night so you can sleep.
2nd WeekWhen technology is actually used for something fun: take a look at these Panoramic VR images of Disney World!
3rd WeekWorking at a place where they'll actually send you to get training to help you do your job.
4th WeekThe State Fair!
Last WeekCamping. Fun to do and it really makes you appreciate your bed.
The Route 66 Web Ring and my Route 66 site.

July, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekVideo games. Because it's much healthier than REALLY blowing stuff up.
2nd WeekSeeing someone again after really missing them.
3rd Week85 degrees and sunny.
4th WeekDrive-In movies. Without them where would we hold flea markets?
Last WeekFred Astaire. Top Hat, Swing Time, Carefree, On the Beach...
The round-headed boy and his dog always make me happy. The Official Peanuts Site.

June, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekMexican Food. Find the distorted U.S. approximation thereof nearest you: Taco Bell.
2nd WeekA quick trip to Disneyland makes everything right.
3rd WeekWhen there's no doubt that summer has finally really arrived.
4th WeekThe wonder of the lawn mower.
Last WeekFireworks!
Check flight progress at

May, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekBeautiful Spring Days.
2nd WeekThe furry critters of nature. Even cats.
3rd WeekRiding around in a Jeep. Jeeps are cool, so you can feel cool riding in one. And so can your dog.
4th WeekFrank Sinatra. Yeah I like Bing better, but Frank did some great stuff. The two of them are really good together in High Society.
Last WeekRain! I like to stand out in it with my face to the sky. (When the temperature is a nice medium, that is.)
Got Milk?

April, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekThose few people who actually do know how to drive.
2nd WeekI may get sick a lot, but at least I'm not in jail. (If you are, sorry, you'll have to think up your own for this week.)
3rd WeekHappy Easter!
4th WeekGetting a new car.
Last WeekThe Sun. Heat. Ah.
An independent Disney Map site. Not updated recently, but still pretty nice.

March, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekThe moment when the sun breaks through after a rain.
2nd WeekDo-it-yourself home improvement.
3rd WeekJerome Kersey is back from his shoulder injury. Now the Sonics can REALLY start playing.
4th WeekThe spectacle of seeing a sporting event live.
LastWeekRoto Rooter! A plummer at your door in about the same time as a pizza.
The Weather Channel U.S. infrared time-lapse loop .

February, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekBeing able to drive home and leave the snow & cold behind!
2nd WeekHere's a simple exercise: Whenever someone does something that makes you mad, try to make up a reasonable motivation. Sometimes it really makes me feel better, especially while driving.
3rd WeekHaving Chinese food delivered.
Last WeekThe universal remote control.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer !

January, 1998 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekThe feeling of relief when the holidays come to an end. No matter how much you like them.
2nd WeekIt's never too early to start preparing for next Christmas!
3rd WeekNyQuil, good for when you need a healing coma.
4th WeekTaking time to marvel at nature.
Last WeekNow that the Super Bowl is over people can focus on basketball, as they should.
Welcome to Softub.

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Reasons to be Happy '96




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