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Reasons To Be Happy '99

December, 1999
1st Week4 weeks to Christmas.
2nd WeekPutting up a tree.
3rd WeekLights, lights, and more lights.
4th WeekShopping with your dog at PetSmart.
5th WeekChristmas with family. And a little downtime!
There's tons of information available online for helping you make your new car decisions:, Excite Autos, Popular Science, The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
November, 1999 Reasons To Be Happy
1st WeekAny change for the better. Cold to warm, away to home.
2nd WeekTotal basketball overload!!
3rd WeekLooking forward to the weekend.
4th WeekThanksgiving! Turkey blowout!
5th WeekTime off.
Way past time to start your Christmas Countdown!
October, 1999
1st WeekTrying to come up with the right name for your baby. Gotta make a No List.
2nd WeekThe NBA season starts soon and the holidays are right around the corner.
3rd WeekPeople who are nice to you even when you don't speak their language.
4th WeekThe people who stay in touch even when you are thousands of miles away. (I wish my dog when learn to do that.)
Go to and sign up to play "Virtual GM" before the season starts! It's free!
September, 1999
1st WeekBeing sick. Hmm, no. Oh, how about getting better after being sick?
2nd WeekA long weekend dedicated to resting and playing.
3rd WeekPlaces where the weather is still really nice in September.
4th WeekHanging out and playing games.
5th WeekDisney non-animated movies from the 50's and 60's. Like "The Happiest Millionaire".
Web camera on the marketplace in Bonn, Germany.
August, 1999
1st WeekHeck, why NOT be happy?
2nd WeekCan't think of a reason, so see last week!
3rd WeekSunny days at the beach.
4th WeekScrabble.
5th Week110 degrees and no humidity isn't really that hard to take!
The Tick! Check out the Giant Circus of the Might Web Ring and keep an eye out for my personal favorite, The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight!
July, 1999
1st WeekUnder 6 months until Christmas!
2nd WeekPepsi. (I'm not including a link to their site, though, because I don't like it.)
3rd WeekThe delayed episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is finally on this week.
4th WeekA nice surprise and nice weather to enjoy it.
5th WeekHaving a baby!
Having a baby!
June, 1999
1st WeekHeat.
2nd WeekLawnmowers.
3rd WeekGoing for a bike ride on a nice day.
4th WeekToys. Kid or adult, you've got to have some fun. My NBA Jam page.
5th WeekCamping.
The Little Mermaid web ring.
May, 1999
1st WeekNevada. If you can't take the heat, there's always casinos.
2nd WeekSunny days and relaxation.
3rd WeekCheering for the underdog, even when they don't win.
4th WeekWhen you meet new friendly people. Yes, there are some out there.
5th WeekFamily get-togethers.
AAA, maps, tows, and reservations!
April, 1999
1st WeekBeing in a bad mood, and enjoying it.
2nd WeekA road-trip.
3rd WeekThe soreness you get from getting some good exercise. 24-Hour Fitness.
4th WeekWhen you have a chance to do someone a favor.
Last WeekI think we should just accept that there's no reason to be happy this week. At least nothing that's worth mentioning in light of the school shooting in Colorado.
Tour of Dunsmuir, CA and the Dunsmuir railroad camera.
March, 1999
1st WeekHaving to go to the snow, instead of it coming to you.
2nd WeekActive relaxation.
3rd WeekThe gym. If your job isn't physical, you NEED to make yourself exercise!
4th WeekWhen you can finally mow the lawn again after winter is through.
5th WeekBlue skies.
Archie Comics
February, 1999
1st WeekPeople getting on your case when you don't keep your reasons to be happy list current.
2nd WeekMaking a surprise for someone you love.
3rd WeekPaint. Makes junk look new.
4th WeekPeople who come to visit and stay to help.
Midway, and the design team who made NFL Blitz. Football for people who don't particulary like football.
January, 1999
1st WeekNew Year's resolutions. And believing you can actually follow through on them.
2nd WeekGetting a little extra sleep to help recover from all the activity of the holidays.
3rd WeekI don't care who was to blame for the delay, I'm just glad there's going to be an NBA season.
4th WeekBoard games.
Last WeekA change of pace.
Optical Illusions

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