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Twisted Metal 2
Rating: 1p: 9, 2p: 10
1 or 2 players.
Name Sequels Ending
Warthog 3 Asked for the body of a 20 year old. But his head stayed really old!
Thumper 3 Ruler of LA--but now that Twisted Metal visited it's a dead city!
Outlaw 2 3 Asked to find her brother, so she was sent into space. She expected Calypso's trickery, so the car is equipped for space travel!
Axel 3 Confronts his father. Tears himself from the machine his dad put him in.
Spectre 3 Wants his face known around the world. Calypso stretches his face so it covers the entire sky!
Road Kill 3 Wakes up and Twisted Metal was a dream. Happy at home with his family.
Twister Ultimate speed rush. Travels back in time, runs out of gas, and gets killed by a dinosaur!
Hammer Head 3 They want to fly so Calypso says they can. They jump off a building and die. Calypso holds up the plane tickets he was going to give them!
Grasshopper She's actually a robot replica of Calypso's daughter. Hugs him and self-destructs, taking him out.
Mr. Slam
Mr. Grimm 3
Sweet Tooth 3
Minion 3