Monday Afternoon--Tuesday Morning


Welcome to Arizona! Sorry, can't stop.

Route 66 sign, Arizona.

From the book Route 66: The Mother Road, by Michael Wallis.

The Route 66 Museum Club in Flagstaff, Arizona. Quite a place. We had to press on,
couldn't stay for Redneck, the band.

Arizona's sky at sunset tries hard to compete with Texas & New Mexico.
Not bad.

On an original stretch of Route 66 on the way to Oatman, Arizona.
Very winding, very narrow. Hard to believe people did this in the
vehicles of the dustbowl. Many had to do it backwards because
reverse was the only gear low enough to make it!

Oatman, Arizona.

More Oatman. Don't forget to bring carrots to feed the burros that
roam through town.