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Name My Rating Players Etc.
Twisted Metal 2 1p: 9, 2p co-op:10 1-2  
Twisted Metal 2

Vigilante 8

Tomb Raider

Poy Poy

Bust A Move 2
Twisted Metal 1p: 9.5, 2p: 8.5 1-2 Needs two player co-op mode.
Walt Disney World Racing 1p: 10, 2p co-op: 9 1-2 I'm a sucker for Disney. Excellent game, though. Completely finished this one.
NBA Showtime 1p: 10, 2p co-op: 9 1-2 Tremendous NBA Jam style, with 3D, create your own character, and lots of secrets.
Vigilante 8 1p: 10, 2p co-op: 9 1-2 Needs 2-player missions.
Tomb Raider 9 1 Engrossing.
Poy Poy 1p: 9, 2+p: 10 1-4 Throw rocks at your friends' heads.
Bust A Move 2 1p: 9, 2p: 9 1-2 Best puzzle game I've found on PlayStation. (Well, not all that puzzling, but that's what they call these.) Similar to the Columns, Tetris, etc.
NBA Live 2001 9 1-8 Nice. One-on-one mode. 3-point contest. Goals to accomplish to unlock new things. And Jerome Kersey.
Danger Girl 9 1 Stop laughing now. I never got interested in Metal Gear Solid, but this is similar to what I'd expect from it. Kind of midway between that and Tomb Raider. Play as different characters, one of whom carries a sniper rifle that can zoom in and hit the baddies from afar.
NFL Blitz 1p: 8, 2p: 9 1-2 Drawbacks: Interceptions & ineffective defensive lines.
Battle Arena Toshinden 8.5 1-2 Beautiful 3D and special attacks.
Dance Dance Revolution 8.5 1-2 Don't even think of playing this without buying a dance mat controller as well. Great fun. Be careful.
Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix 8.5 1-2 Just like Dance Dance Revolution, but with Disney character backgrounds and some Disney dance mix songs.
ESPN Extreme Games 8 1-? I love the street luge in Utah. And kicking skateboarders of their boards.
NBA Live '99 8 1-8 Level 3 is a little easy, level 4 is too hard.
Rogue Trip 1p: 8 1-4 I don't even know if this has multi-player. The final boss is incredible.
Coolboarders 4 8 1-4 Great, just don't compare it to SSX or SSX Tricky. Good variety of competitions.
Destruction Derby 1p: 8, 2p: 8 1-2 2 player using link cable is pretty cool.
Tomb Raider 4 (The Last Revelation) 1p: 8 1 Haven't gone far in this one, but it seems great at this point.
Marvel Superheroes 8 1-2 Fighting as Spider-Man--sign me up.
Reboot 8 1 The hoverboard is great.
Scrabble 8 1-4 Solid version of Scrabble. As always, the computer has the unfair advantage of knowing some insane words, but there are several levels so you can find the one that's a good match.
Twisted Metal 4 7.5 1-2 Sat on the shelf for a long while, but now I've gotten into it and finished with a few characters. Not quite as good as the first two, but actually pretty decent. 3 & 4 players in just Death Match mode, which is ok, but very small.
Grinch 7.5 1 Surprisingly large and difficult, in fact I've managed to get stuck in the second level. Good fun.
Tomb Raider 3 7.5 1 Tricky, sometimes frustrating, but still fun.
Battle Arena Toshinden 3 7.5 1-2 Might be a little easy, but I like that in a fighting game.
Vigilante 8: Second Offense 7   Took away some of the best things in the original...most notably the terrific music that grabbed you right at the start. Missions are sometimes confusing.
NBA Live '98 7 1-8 3-pointers are impossible, but the game is a little too easy.
Jumping Flash 7 1 Very light. Once in a while a person needs to play as a robotic rabbit in search of carrots, though.
Batman and Robin 6.5 1 Can play as all 3 heroes. Fighting is very difficult.
Tomb Raider 2 6 1 Hard.
Bomberman World 1p: 6, 2p: 6 1-5 Visibility/View drawbacks really bad on certain levels.
Star Wars: Masters of the Teras Kasi 6 1-2 Fun, but requires a large time investment to learn the moves, as with most fighting games, and I haven't been driven to do that.
Muppet Race Mania 6   Need to play more to really give it a chance. Love having these characters, but seems a lot harder than it should be.
Need For Speed V-Rally 6   A bit hard to control, but aren't all car games these days. I find myself searching for the missile button, also.
Running Wild 5 1-2 Goofy, but good to play with a young child.
Broken Helix 5 1 Dark and Tricky. Bruce Campbell does the voice.
Monopoly 4 1? Computer players are ridiculously stupid. They make me low offers for things I won't sell, and they will sell me property for les than they paid! I still play it, though. What's wrong with me?
Twisted Metal Small Brawl New   Need to play more. Looks to be another good one.
Gekido New 1-4 Lots going on on that screen.
Dino Crisis New 1 Extremely tense. Nice dino. Good dino.
Descent New    
Point Blank 1, 2, or 3     With gun...
Lemmings 3D    
Armorines     Supposed to be like Starship Troopers
Dead In the Water      
Hot Shots Golf 8 ? Everything a golf game needs, plus a mini-golf mode. .
Test Drive Off Road
NBA Live '96 8 1-8 Good, pre-3D hoops.
Circuit Breakers 8 1-4 Really fun multi-player mode.
Raiden Project 1p: 7, 2p: 8 1-2 Sometimes that screen is so full of flying death it makes me dizzy.
Risk 7 1-4? It's Risk. The extra modes are a waste, but I like regular old Risk.
Contender 7 1-2 It's fun just punching people.
Mortal Kombat 4 7 1-2 Pretty, but I never took the time to learn the moves.
Poy Poy 2 7 1-4 Somehow doesn't grab me the way the first one does.
Need For Speed 1p: 4, 2p: 8 1-2 Computer is no fun to play against. Too bad because the feeling of speed is excellent.
NBA Live '97 6 1-8 The initial move to polygonal characters was an eyesore.
Space Jam 6 1-4? Pretty good, but Looney Tunes B-Ball for the SNES did this better.
NBA Jam 1p: 5, 2p: 6 1-4 Difficulty errors made this frustrating.
NBA Jam Extreme 5 ? The graphics are painful. The ball is a blurry orange headache.
Test Drive Off Road 1p: 4, 2p: 3 1-2 Just plain hard to control.
Fighting Force 7.5 1-2 Like Streets of Rage, or Final Fight, but 3D. I've rented this twice.
Mortal Kombat Trilogy 7 1-2 Difficulty trouble, also locks up intermittently.
Twisted Metal 3 1p: 6, 2p: 7 1-4 Control and endings both disappointing.
Tekken 2 6.5 1-2 Fun. Would certainly be better if I knew any moves.
Project Overkill 6 1? A lot of blood. Fairly fun.
Tekken 6 1-2 Fun, but lots to learn if you want to play it well.
Micro Machines 6 1-4? Fun, but I like Circuit Breakers better.
WWF In Your House 4p: 4 1-4 Get that weak stuff out of my house.
Steel Reign 1p: 5, 2p: 2 1-2 Hmm.
Lost World 3 1 Having dinosaurs isn't enough to make this fun.
Diablo 2p: 3 1-4? Kind of like Gauntlet, but really bad.
Swashbucklers 1p: 4, 2p: 1 1-4?  

MultiTap Game Page

Games are generally rated separately for single and multi-player modes.
Score #  
10 3 Perfect
9 8 One of the best
8 9 Extremely fun
7 6 Very fun
6 11 Fun
5 3 Average
4 5 A little fun, but more bad.
3 3 Not very fun.
2 1 No fun.
1 1 One of the worst. Depressing.
0 0 Of no value at all. May negatively impact your life.